First editions of CIVITAS Insights released

CIVITAS Insights 90x90pxThe first editions of the CIVITAS Insights, a series of more than 25 publications being developed under the CIVITAS CAPITAL project, are now available. CIVITAS Insights are compact publications that offer an overview on a certain topic and what has been done in CIVITAS cities in the past, as well as information on other projects and initiatives.

The Insights also reveal what could be learned from past experiences and what the future outlook is. Some of the Insights cover safer road infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians and the high potential of walking itself, accessible mobility to enable independent living for all, social marketing for sustainable mobility and more efficient urban freight transport. Others discuss managing parking to reduce congestion and increase safety, the implications of car sharing and carpooling for vehicle use and ownership, and access regulations to facilitate cleaner and better transport. Future CIVITAS Insights will cover mobility planning, e-mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, public participation, and many more topics. All of the Insights are made available on the CIVITAS website’s Key Publications page
(Source: CIVITAS Newsletter)


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