Why should you join "Cities for Mobility?"
Stuttgart – the capital of the Federal State Baden-Württemberg – and its partners from science, research and development as well as businesses and the civil society invite you to participate actively in the global network “Cities for Mobility“.

The network “Cities for Mobility” has to offer a number of useful services to you. With your active participation you can shape a situation for yourself and the other members which is mutually beneficial.

Six reasons for joining “Cities for Mobility”:

  1. Advice: “Cities for Mobility” provides advice to network members seeking to apply for grants from national and international programs or wishing to create partnerships for the development and implementation of joint projects.

  2. Networking: “Cities for Mobility” supports its members in establishing close relations with their international peers. The network offers a unique platform for exchange and dialogue between representatives from local authorities, private sector, research and civil society.

  3. Connecting with experts: The Coordination Office of “Cities for Mobility” assists members of the network in their search for experts on specific questions related to urban mobility.

  4. Strengthening your international profile: Through “Cities for Mobility” members get the opportunity to raise their international profile by participating actively in the World Congresses and disseminating widely their achievements in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

  5. Finding project partners The annual World Congresses serve as a platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge between the members and other partners. At the same time they give members the opportunity to get in contact with potential project partners and to initiate innovative cooperation proposals.

  6. Sharing innovative ideas and strategies: “Cities for Mobility” is an “open space” which enables local authorities and other organisations to get inspired by the experiences of other partners and to implement them at the local level.


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