8th International Cities for Mobility successfully concluded


The 8th International Cities for Mobility Congress titled "Mobility in the sustainable city: What do we need to do now?" took place on 19-21 June 2016 at Stuttgart City Hall gathering 300 municipal practitioners, decision makers, researchers and initiatives from civil society and private sector from more than 35 countries world-wide. The event combined presentations, interactive workshops and practical activities, such as trainings and excursions.

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CIVITAS Forum Conference 2016 will be held 28-30 of September in Gdynia, Poland

csm gdynia 1 5b9018b92b 90x90pxCommunity to the CIVITAS FORUM Conference 2016 on 28–30 September in Gdynia. The theme of the year is Shaping the Mobility of Tomorrow. The event will gather hundreds of CIVITAS stakeholders from around Europe, all of whom are devoted to the development of sustainable urban mobility in their cities.

Corporate Mobility Management in Stuttgart – 2MOVE2

Marienhosp .7.01 2 90x90pxDespite all the efforts undertaken by the City of Stuttgart in recent years to reduce car traffic and to promote sustainable modes of transport, the city still suffers from congestion, noise and emissions. Corporate Mobility Management has become a major issue in the city’s overall Action Plan on Sustainable Mobility. As a consequence, the municipality launched an initiative in the framework of the CIVITAS project 2MOVE2 to support companies and organizations regarding this topic. 

Aachen: Work travels with electric cars reduces the number of employees driving to work

Achen drives electric 90x90pxThe City of Aachen aims to replace business trips involving petrol-run vehicles with electric cars for all its employees. Since the beginning of February staff members of the Department for Children, Adolescents and Schools were obliged to use vehicles of the city administration’s new carpool facility for their work-related trips instead of private cars.

First editions of CIVITAS Insights released

CIVITAS Insights 90x90pxThe first editions of the CIVITAS Insights, a series of more than 25 publications being developed under the CIVITAS CAPITAL project, are now available. CIVITAS Insights are compact publications that offer an overview on a certain topic and what has been done in CIVITAS cities in the past, as well as information on other projects and initiatives.

Urban Transport Weeks in Hamburg (September-October 2016)

Logo Eurist Campus 2014Transport is one of the most pressing global issues of the future! The world needs determined and creative professionals, able to understand the scope of the problem and to envision applicable strategies beyond purely technical innovations.

Carsharing Services in Emerging Economies - New Technical Document published

StadtmobilThe latest SUTP Technical Document titled “Carsharing in Emerging Economies” has now been published. It aims to evaluate the potential, as well as the necessary political support structure, for the implementation of carsharing services in emerging economies. Beginning with a basic introduction to the function and benefits of carsharing, the paper identifies key success factors and best practice of mature carsharing markets.

Help to get Sustainable Transport into the post 2015 international climate agreement!

banner fromoldsiteGive your support to the Warsaw Statement and follow the ‘Bridging the Gap’ initiative via the web site www.transport2020.org. Urban areas account for about 70% of national energy use and between 50 and 80% of climate related actions will take place under subnational (regional and local) authorities. Urban populations are set to double until 2015 and urban land cover is likely to grow even more rapidly. Sustainable transport is a high mitigation potential area and the importance of early action helping to avoid long-term lock-in resulting from failure to properly plan transport systems in a sustainable manner need increased guidance and incentives for local action for climate as well as economic and social reasons.

CAPSUT – More than 300 trainings on redesigned website launched by GIZ

giz Capsut Logo 140805To date 300 trainings, e-learning and webinars on sustainable urban transport are listed on www.capsut.org – an international platform dedicated to capacity building in sustainable urban transport.
Courses can be searched based on their type, topic, language, the region they are conducted as well as their dates. In addition, courses on urban transport can now be uploaded by the course providers themselves. Uploading courses on www.capsut.org is easy and does not require any registration. Just provide the relevant information in the upload section to add your course to the course calendar.

Better airquality in European cities: The CLARS network

clars logo kleinDoes your work involve improving the environment or traffic in your city or ministry? Are you operating, planning, considering, investigating a Low Emission Zone, Congestion Charging, urban road user charging, access regulation, vehicle access restriction, lorry ban etc?


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