Efficient Mobility – Cycling in Lviv / Ukraine

news 200Ukrainian cities are under immense pressure: Private cars – new and used ones – are flooding cities, buses and trams are stuck in traffic jams, parking cars are blocking sidewalks and accident rates are increasing. Increasing local emissions and increasing CO2-emissions are major concerns. In this context, the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv has taken the strategic decision to develop cycling as regular mode of transport.

Improved cycling infrastructure and active promotion of cycling as modern, clean and truly European mode of transport will help to increase the share of cyclists. This will make Lviv a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable place for its citizens and guests. Oleh Shmid, the mayor’s advisor on cycling, summarizes: “It is necessary to choose now either to develop Lviv for people or to make it comfortable for cars.” Today, less than 2 per cent of Lviv’s citizens are using the bicycle, but there are good reasons that this share can climb to Western European levels. Until end of 2011, 15 km of new cycling infrastructure have been built.


As Ostap Budenkevych from Lviv City Council explains, the city administration is now also looking at the development of public bike sharing in order to encourage citizens to take up cycling actively. Lviv is the first Ukrainian city with a comprehensive approach towards the development of cycling. The active combination of various efforts has contributed to the rapid construction of first cycling infrastructure in Lviv. A lively community of citizens, cycling activists, sportsmen, and decision-makers is eagerly waiting to use the new infrastructure and to change the picture of mobility in Lviv – towards more sustainable and human patterns.
(from GIZ/German)

More information on: http://www.mobilnist.org.ua/en/velolev.html


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