Aachen: Work travels with electric cars reduces the number of employees driving to work

Achen drives electric 90x90pxThe City of Aachen aims to replace business trips involving petrol-run vehicles with electric cars for all its employees. Since the beginning of February staff members of the Department for Children, Adolescents and Schools were obliged to use vehicles of the city administration’s new carpool facility for their work-related trips instead of private cars.

Two electric cars (E-Smart) and one car with conventional drive technology (Ford Focus) can be easily booked by telephone, internet or smartphone application. The booking technique was developed by cambio car sharing. Since using private cars for business trips is no longer allowed for the employees working at the Mozartstrasse, employees are expected to commute using alternative forms of transportation. The argument ‘I have to go to work by car because I have to use it for business trips’ no longer applies. In the near future a third electric car will be available at the Town Hall to be used by employees of nearby city departments. The project, which will be tested for one year, is financed by CIVITAS DYN@MO and ‘emove’, a funding programme of the German Federal Government. 
(Source: CIVITAS Newsletter)



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