Forward-looking and Sustainable Mobility

Stuttgart-based Daimler AG has a tradition stretching back over a hundred years, shaped by pioneering achievements in automotive engineering and built on the work of automobile inventors Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. Today, Daimler is a leading provider of premium passenger cars and the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles.

With its strong brands and wide range of vehicles, extending from small cars to heavy-duty trucks and supplemented by customized services across the automotive value-added chain, Daimler has a presence in nearly every country.

Daimler has a global workforce of around 271,000 employees and an international shareholder base.

A vision of sustainability.
In order to safeguard long-term success and the future of the company, while enhancing social acceptance for its operations, Daimler has committed itself to a vision of sustainability. This vision encompasses three dimensions of responsibility:

  • responsibility for the company's business performance and long-term economic success;
  • responsibility for the sparing use of our planet’s resources and for maintaining an intact environment – for present and future generations;
  • and responsibility for the people involved in or affected by the company’s business activities, and for society as a whole. Daimler therefore strives to play a proactive role in shaping society.

Forward-looking mobility.
Mobility of people and goods is crucial to economic development. This applies both to industrialized countries and to threshold and developing nations. At the same time, goods transport volumes are increasing, as are individual mobility requirements. Daimler is helping to making the overall traffic system sustainable and environmentally friendly.
The Daimler "Roadmap to the Future" has three main components:

  • the continuous further improvement of combustion engines
  • use of high-quality and alternative fuels
  • emission-free driving, with the fuel cell as a long-term goal



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