Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn AG was formed in 1994 from the merger of the German FederalRailways and the East German Reichsbahn railways. Today, as Europe’s largest railway and the Number 2 in the international forwarding and logistics sector, it is one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies.

230,000 employees in 150 countries, 190,000 of them in Germany, work hard day in, day out to ensure mobility and logistics for the customers and to efficiently operate and control the transport networks on rail, in land transport, and in ocean and air freight operations. In financial year 2006 the revenues of DB AG totalled 30.1 billion euros, and the operating income adjusted for special items (EBIT) came to 2.1 billion euros.

The heart of the company is the railway in Germany, which carries about 5.1 million customers in passenger service and 840,000 tons of goods every day. Another 1.9 million customers travel every day with the buses of DB. DB AG handles more than 39,000 train runs every day on its up-to-date 34,000 kilometre long rail network, which is open to the competition.
Along with internationalization, the DB strategy aims at networking all modes of transport and building up interconnected cross-modal travel and logistics chains. With that the company follows the changing requirements of the markets, which increasingly demand efficient and environmentally compatible services from a single source. Today Deutsche Bahn AG thus already offers answers to the overriding trends globalization, climate change and shortage of resources.


Facts and Figures (Annual Report 2006)


EBIT before special items

Gross capital expenditure

Employees (full-time)


30,053 bn euros

2,143 bn euros

6.584 m euros


1.500 in 150 countries


Passenger Transport Group division: DB Rail:

Rail travellers

Bus travellers

Local and long-distance trains

1.854 million a year

550 million a year

27.637 per day


Transport and Logistics Group division - DB Schenker:

Freight trains           

Goods on rail

Ocean freight containers

Airfreight shipments

4.780 per day

307,6 million tons

1 million a year

4,5 million a year


Infrastructure and Services Group division - DB Networks:

Length of line operated

Switches and crossings



Number of passenger stations

Fleet management

Bicycle rentals

34.128,4 km





100.000 vehicles

4.500 bicycles



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