Our mission
"Cities for Mobility" is a global network on all questions regarding urban mobility. The network is coordinated by the City of Stuttgart and promotes transnational cooperation between local governments, transportation companies, businesses, science and the civil society, with the aim of supporting the development of sustainable and efficient transport systems in the member cities.

Our mission is to link cities and other stakeholders globally which hold a shared understanding of the necessity of placing urban mobility systems on a social, economic and ecologically sustainable basis.

The main goal of the network is to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices among its members as well as to facilitate the initiation and development of innovative joint projects. Today, around 550 members from more than 76 countries all over the world participate in "Cities for Mobility", many of them former members of the URB-AL network.


The URB-AL Network "Control of Urban Mobility"

"Cities for Mobility" is based on the European-Latin American City Network "Control of Urban Mobility (Network 8)" funded by the URB-AL Program of the European Commission until 2003. The main objective was to strengthen the cooperation between local governments in Latin America and Europe through the exchange of experiences and the realization of joint projects. The network, which was coordinated by the City of Stuttgart, continued operating independent from the EU funding as "Cities for Mobility".


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