Parallel Sessions

Parallel sessions © Christian Hass

Parallel Sessions

The parallel sessions take place on Tuesday, June 20 at 1:30 to 3:00 pm.

Breakout Session #1

Transformation for Real – Managing Roads and Curbsides for a Better Distribution of Space

For almost 100 years, the storyline of roads had been the same: more space for cars. But now, in the face of a new distribution of space, things are changing. Cities are taking a much more active role in managing roads and curbsides. This interactive session takes a close look at what and how they do it.

Breakout Session #2

Working Together – New Forms of Collaboration Between Cities & Businesses

Today, urban ecosystems are changing as they must deal with a long list of new challenges. To master the transformation ahead, we are especially witnessing cities and businesses increasingly joining forces and finding new models for collaboration. We take a close look at successful forms of collaboration, what works, and how to manage expectations.

Breakout Session #3

Making the Change – Cities that Transformed Their Use of Space: Prioritizing Sustainable Modes of Transport

There are the ones who talk, and there are the ones who do. This session takes a close look at the cities that created a new status quo and transformed their use of space by prioritizing sustainable modes of transport. Let’s hear their stories and talk with them about their way of making change happen.

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