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Corporate Mobility Management in Stuttgart – 2MOVE2

Despite all the efforts undertaken by the City of Stuttgart in recent years to reduce car traffic and to promote sustainable modes of transport, the city still suffers from congestion, noise and emissions. Corporate Mobility Management has become a major issue in the city’s overall Action Plan on Sustainable Mobility.

As a consequence, the municipality launched an initiative in the framework of the CIVITAS project 2MOVE2 to support companies and organizations regarding this topic. There are around 472 000 employees in Stuttgart, and of these 55 % commute every day to the city from its surroundings – 60 % of whom travel by car, usually on their own. This motivated the municipality to initiate a campaign in order to promote corporate mobility management. Since 2013, a series of conferences and workshops has taken place on the topic. The main objective was to enter into a dialogue with employers in Stuttgart and to discuss strategies and concrete measures that lead to more efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility for their employees. Between 2013 and 2016, the municipality has offered interested organizations specific consultancy services which include a survey on the mobility behaviour of employees.

The results of this survey formed the basis for implementing measures that lead to more sustainable mobility within the organisation. These measures can cover various fields such as subsidised public transport tickets, shuttle services, parking facilities for bicycles and improvements in traffic infrastructure. In addition, the Mobility Department of Stuttgart advised organisations on the design and development of suitable mobility measures. The city acted as a facilitator to ensure that inquiries about traffic regulation, public transport itineraries, cycling routes and related issues are handled with priority. Where necessary, the mobility manager organised joint workshops with municipal offices as well as the local public transport company and the tariff association. This service was especially interesting for companies located in the city centre, since limited parking and congestion can hamper the d livery of goods and undermine the attractiveness of a company for potential employees.

Some of the most common topics under corporate mobility management include promoting public transport, improving conditions for cycling and walking, optimising fleets and encouraging
carpooling. In total, five organizations in Stuttgart participated in the project; more than 10.000 employees participated in the mobility surveys that lead already to concrete measures and visible improvements. It is foreseen that the consultancy services will be continued and included in a long term strategy for cooperation with companies in the field of mobility management.

Stuttgart is the coordinator of CIVITAS 2MOVE2 project. For more information contact Patrick Daude at

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