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Cities for Mobility

Sharing knowledge, experiences and measures for better mobility in cities

In the global network Cities for Mobility, we search for policies and concrete measures towards sustainable mobility – meaning a mobility which is accessible to all, environmentally friendly and human-centered. It is coordinated by the City of Stuttgart which is engaged in several European and international programs.

Since its foundation in 2006 the global network Cities for Mobility has been promoting the close cooperation between mayors, municipal experts, practitioners, researchers and representatives from civil society in order to support the take-up and replication of sustainable mobility measures in cities world-wide. Many events have been successfully organized, mobility experts put in contact with cities and regional authorities as well as innovative projects put into practice.

What makes Cities for Mobility special is that it is an open platform without membership fee and formalities. The network and its events have a very practical focus as we believe that the benefit for our members lies in the concrete experiences and lessons learnt they share between each other. Further characteristics are the diversity of partners involved and the variety of topics that are handled, ranging from the promotion of cycling, walking and public transport to traffic management and electric mobility. Cities for Mobility is actively used for raising awareness about cities, mobility stakeholders and their projects.

The “International Cities for Mobility Congress” which takes place every two years in Stuttgart is the major event of the network. It serves as a platform for sharing good and bad practices and for initiating cooperation projects. It is addressed to municipal and regional practitioners, decision makers, researchers and entrepreneurs combining presentations with practical activities, such as training sessions, interactive workshops and excursions.

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